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If they aren’t replying to your emails

Has this ever happened to you? You have this amazing coffee chat or discovery call with someone you’ve been looking forward to connecting with for quite some time. During the chat it becomes clear they're your ideal client, and they are ticking all the boxes of someone you’d love to work with! You share how you can help them, and they exclaim, "That’s fantastic! I’ve been looking for something like this. I’m in! Email me the details." Shortly after the call, you send over the details and then… CRICKETS You hear NOTHING back. No replies. No appointments. No payments.   You replay the conversation in your head over and over again.  You ask yourself, "What went wrong? I thought she was genuinely excited to work together... Why haven’t I heard from her?"   WHAT IF YOUR EMAIL GOT STUCK IN SPAM?   Maybe they’re not replying because they didn’t see your email. Maybe they’re not booking time with you because they didn’t know you emailed. Ma

Do you know how to have a secret conversation?

Last week I shared the Top 7 Things you Need to Know aboutFacebook.   One topic that made the list is the push to move people from Messenger to WhatsApp because of the end-to-end encryption issue. I’ve been getting lots of questions asking how safe it is to use Messenger, and I’ve got answers for YOU.   By DEFAULT Facebook can read everything you share in Messenger, just like they can read everything you post in the Facebook platform (remember you’re paying with your data).   AND so can anyone else (in theory with some not so savory techniques).   Casual conversations that you don’t need any privacy for are ok to have via Messenger just like anything else you feel comfortable about posting on Facebook.   Should you have a conversation that’s sensitive in nature in Messenger? NO Don’t discuss confidential or sensitive business info Don’t share your secret sauce Share nothing you wouldn’t want your mother to know.  😬 What can you do to be more secure on Messenger?

The Top 7 Things you Need to Know about Facebook

Facebook hacked. Facebook data is insecure. LinkedIn hacked. TikTok is spying on you. Do you feel like you're seeing headlines like these constantly? Are headlines like these freaking you out? Facebook’s certainly been in the news again, and it seems like it’s never ending. Let me save you time and break down the media hype for you. What you need to know right now about Facebook The Facebook data breach took place in 2019 – and probably included your name, phone number, and email address Fraudsters could use that phone number to steal your identity – monitor your credit Facebook Messenger is NOT encrypted Switching to WhatsApp from Messenger is gaining momentum Whats App IS encrypted. It still collects some info about you but it’s WAY less than Messenger. Facebook Rooms are NOT encrypted There’s no such thing as a free service. You’re paying with your data and information. Visit my website to learn more about  services  to help your business or grab a complementary  guide .

How do you use humor?

I’m a big fan of memes. I’m a big fam of using humor to share information. Using funny memes to share information = Priceless. If you’ve been following me on social media for a while, you know I like to share a funny meme every Wednesday. Not only am I sharing a meme to make you laugh, I’m using humor to share a story and make it stick in your mind.   3 more reasons I like to include humor in my social media posts. I want you to get to know me a little better. I’d like to think I’m pretty funny, so I want to share that part of my personality with you. I’m trying to get your attention. Who doesn’t love to stop the scroll for a great meme? I like to take calculated risks. I do this in my business and in my personal life as well.  Posting something funny is a calculated risk. You don’t always know how others will react. Are you using humor in your social media posts?   What about when you send emails to your list? Send me a  note  and let me know how it’s working for you.  Is everyone is