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Time is the longest distance between 2 points

 "Time is the longest distance between two points."   These words by Tennessee Williams resonate deeply, considering the fragility of our memories and the challenges they pose in crucial moments. Imagine finding yourself on the witness stand, desperately grasping for recollections from the distant past. In this crucial moment, the true weight of time becomes evident.   The importance of detailed case notes cannot be overstated in legal proceedings. They are a vital link that connects our present selves with our past actions. Without them, our memories may falter, we have nothing to refresh our memory, and the quest for truth becomes an arduous struggle.   Case notes are the guardians of our actions, meticulously capturing what we did, discovered, what we found, and even what we didn't. They are the tangible records that safeguard the integrity of our recollections, preventing them from slipping away into the abyss of time.   Picture yourself in the courtr