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How AI & Deepfakes lead to Sextortion

Buckle up, and prepare yourself for the dark side of technological progress because AI is no exception to the rule. Imagine a world where scammers wield the power of AI to create mind-boggling deepfakes, exposing you in compromising situations. These sextortion scams have reached a whole new level of maliciousness. Let me shed some light on two prevalent ways these scams are executed: Picture this: someone close to you possesses naked pictures of you and shamelessly uses them to manipulate you into doing something you'd rather avoid. It's a terrifying thought, especially considering the perpetrator's familiarity with you. OR Picture receiving a random email that boldly claims to have a treasure trove of your intimate photos. Your disbelief drives you to click the link, only to realize you've fallen into a trap. As a result, your online accounts and even your beloved devices become vulnerable to compromise. I worked several sextortion cases in the FBI; some were your ave