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Cybersecurity awareness programs aren't one size fits all

Have you ever purchased a canned cybersecurity awareness program? Have you ever found a cybersecurity awareness program that someone else built and rolled it out in your business? Did a long-gone employee set up your cybersecurity awareness program years ago, and it's been running on autopilot ever since? These situations seem like they might work, right? Having any cybersecurity awareness program is better than no cybersecurity awareness program, right? Well, I'm not so sure about that because cybersecurity awareness programs aren't one size fits all. They need to be built with purpose, which means they'll be unique. Is every program as unique as your thumbprint? Perhaps not, because some fundamental things happen in any business. But many extraordinary things are going on in your business that you need to address. The more you get to know your business and its operations, the more unique your program will be, and that's a good thing! With all that being said, I wa

Do you need more hours in the day?

Do you need more hours in the day? Answer these questions to find out: Do you feel like you're playing cybersecurity whack a mole? Are you overwhelmed by the volume of cybersecurity incidents that started with someone clicking on a link or opening a file? Are you routinely working 50 or 60 or more hours a week? Is your cybersecurity department understaffed? Has it been over a year since you reviewed your cybersecurity awareness program in detail? Do you want to start sending simulated phishing emails but find that there's just no time to start something new? Here's how I can help you get more hours in your day. Let me manage your cybersecurity awareness program for you! From selecting training, sending phishing emails, newsletters, tips, assessments, and more, I'll build and run a cybersecurity awareness program built with purpose just for you. Just need someone to plan and send simulated phishing emails? I can do that for you. I'll evaluate the current status of yo