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How do your phishing skills stack up?

Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or a small business owner? Have you ever wanted to get in on some expert cybersecurity training, but never had room for it in your budget? Maybe you'd like to try you hand at one of those phishing email tests. Have you ever wanted to send a phishing email test to your employees' knowledge? You did some research but you found all the tech and expense put it out of your reach as a small business owner? I've been thinking about you, and how to get you the cybersecurity awareness training that you need, and you're why I've created a new service just for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small businesses. And so a new Online Quiz Event called  Phish or Friend  was born. During Phish or Friend you will... 📝 Test your knowledge 🎣 Practice catching phishing emails in a safe and controlled environment ✔️ See how your phish detection skills up against others 😈 Learn how fraudsters lure you in 👉 Receive a bonus tip sheet to help you spo

Thanksgiving TV shows and Movies

I'd thought I'd share something fun on this Thanksgiving day. Here's a list of my favorite Thanksgiving themed TV episodes and movies I'll be watching this holiday weekend in between eating turkey and making Christmas cookies. SIMPSONS - "Thanksgiving of Horror" FRIENDS - “The One with All the Thanksgivings” HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - "Slapsgiving" SIMPSONS - "Bart vs. Thanksgiving" GARFIELD'S THANKSGIVING A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING YOU'VE GOT MAIL PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES TOWER HEIST THE INTRUDER

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Secure Shopping Tips

Have you seen the Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads that started Nov 1 st ? The black Friday shopping that started Nov 4 th ? Clearly, businesses want you to spend your money shopping with them. And that means cyber criminals are just a few steps behind, and ready to snag your cash instead. In order to help you keep your money safe and receive the gifts you want this holiday season, I’m sharing… 10 TIPS FOR A SAFE AND SECURE HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON 1.  Turn on MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION Add that extra layer of security to all of your accounts by adding an extra step to your login-procedure. This is a code you enter after you submit your username and password. The code can arrive via an app (such as Google Authenticator), text, or email. It may also called to as dual-factor or two-factor and is abbreviated as MFA or 2FA. Enable it everywhere possible -especially on password keepers, email, and financial accounts. 2.  Avoid FREE WIFI That FREE WiFi you're using might cost you more t

Has cybersecurity awareness left the building?

October has come and gone. Daylight savings has come and gone. Has your cybersecurity awareness program come and gone? In October we do a great job of spreading the word on the importance of cybersecurity, thinking before you click, and watching out for suspicious websites. But sometimes, cybersecurity awareness disappears just as fast as it appeared for one month of the year. Your cybersecurity awareness program shouldn’t last just one month a year. Your cybersecurity awareness program should be a living thing that’s visible and accessible all year long. Wouldn’t be it great if you could build cybersecurity awareness into your company culture just like safety and no meeting Fridays? What if I told you I could help you do just that? 3 WAYS I CAN HELP IMPROVE YOUR CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS PROGRAM TRAINING AND EDUCATION: Are you tired of watching the same training videos every year? Would you like to have someone break down a recent incident and use it as a teaching opportunity? Or perhap

Are you a bad phisher or a good phisher?

Phishing emails, they’re a big deal. That’s probably because ~91% of data breaches start with a phishing email. In response to the sheer volume of phishing emails out there, many companies include sending simulated phishing emails to their employees as part of their cybersecurity awareness program. The frequency, content, and punishment for failure can run the gambit. A few bad phishers have made headlines, and now the question ‘to phish or not to phish’ your employees is a hot topic. What did they do? They sent simulated phishing emails to their employees promising big bonuses (up to $10,000) as a thank you for all their hard work during COVID. They said their company had been receiving similar phishing emails IRL, and it made sense to simulate these types of emails. The worst phisher of all didn’t even tell employees for TWO DAYS that they failed the test. Many of those employees spent their ‘bonus money’ during those two days. What happened next? The employees got pissed. The employ