Has cybersecurity awareness left the building?

October has come and gone.

Daylight savings has come and gone.

Has your cybersecurity awareness program come and gone?

In October we do a great job of spreading the word on the importance of cybersecurity, thinking before you click, and watching out for suspicious websites. But sometimes, cybersecurity awareness disappears just as fast as it appeared for one month of the year. Your cybersecurity awareness program shouldn’t last just one month a year. Your cybersecurity awareness program should be a living thing that’s visible and accessible all year long.

Wouldn’t be it great if you could build cybersecurity awareness into your company culture just like safety and no meeting Fridays?

What if I told you I could help you do just that?


    • Are you tired of watching the same training videos every year?
    • Would you like to have someone break down a recent incident and use it as a teaching opportunity?
    • Or perhaps you want to hear a person speak live and have the opportunity for Q&A?
    • Heck, how about a competitive quiz on Kahoot?

    • Running short on time? I can manage your cybersecurity awareness program for you.
    • I’ll manage your assessments, surveys, new employee training, quarterly training, email newsletters, and tips to keep cybersecurity top of mind for your employees.
    • Let me phish for you. From sending simulated phishing emails to the entire company, a team, or individuals, I’ve got your covered. I’ll share the results with your employees and track your metrics, too.
    • Get a custom program built just for your business.

    • Not sure how to take your program to the next level? Let me guide you.
    • Are you getting ready to build your very first cybersecurity awareness program? Let me build you a customized roadmap.
    • Looking for new ideas? I’ve got those too.
    • Did you just hire a new employee to run your program that needs guidance, but you lack the time? Let me guide them.

Whether short of staff, time, or expertise, I can help you take your cybersecurity awareness program from the same old same old to relevant, timely, and interesting.

Are you ready to do this? Schedule a complimentary discovery session today and keep cybersecurity awareness around all year long.


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