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Throwing Computers Out Windows

Have you ever wanted to throw your computer out the window? Your email goes missing. You forget your password. Your computer crashes. Sometimes technology sucks. It can be overwhelming and it can even break as many things as it solves. It can slow down as many things as it speeds up.   But, you don’t have to throw the computer out the window or stay stuck. I’ve been a geek and I've embraced technology longer than I care to admit. But, I've also had my share of frustrations.  There have been times when I wanted to wave goodbye or move off the grid when I’m having technology woes. The reality is, sometimes technology just isn’t working. You could be missing one tiny thing and it’s ruining everything while leaving you frustrated.   I'm here to help you investigate your tech problems and help you solve your case... and even prevent future problems too. (Psst, I'm FBI trained.)   So, if you're having challenges with... An email list with low open rates Emails getting stu

Can you resist the simply irresistible?

How good are you are resisting the simply irresistible? Yes, I’ve got another Robert Palmer analogy for you. She was Simply Irresistible Robert Palmer and another infamous song and video in 1988 called  Simply Irresistible , and yes, you can find the Robert Palmer Girls in the video. I’m not sure what makes it more famous: the catchy tune, the nonsensical lyrics, the swagger of the girls, or that it was everywhere in the late 80s. The Theories There are a few theories about the meaning of this song, and normally I’m not one to look deeply into hidden meanings, but I’m going to share my favorite theory with you. “…a mythical force that is really seducing Robert Palmer against his will. My theory is that this song is really about a siren’s song confusing the singer and making him “compromise his principle… You're obliged to conform when there's no other course or …I'm breaking promises, she's breaking every law.” My favorite theory is courtesy of Hannah McIsaac. Cybercrim

Leprechauns are never the hero of the story

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, I thought I thought I’d follow the theme and share something about Ireland and leprechauns. A Trip to Ireland I visited Ireland many years ago, and it was a glorious trip. The Euro recently introduced to the country, and the exchange rate was not in my favor. What I remember most about the trip was how friendly everyone was. People smiled. Greeted you with kind words. When we needed advice on something to do or needed directions, everyone was glad to help. Sadly, I never did spy or catch a leprechaun. The Origins of Leprechauns Tales of leprechauns date back to the 1600s with mentions of little men and cobbling shoes. Later, they become associated with riches and gold. With all these stories, leprechauns are never the hero. He’s either helping or hindering the hero. More often than not he’s in a grumpy mood and he’s the ultimate trickster. Even if you catch that leprechaun, you’ll never get that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Cybercrimin

“Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer makes me think of Spoofing and Cybercriminals

Do you remember the song “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer from the 80s? More importantly,  do you remember the music video for the song ? If you don’t remember or if you’re way younger than me (sniff, sniff) let me explain. The memorable part of the video was Palmer’s band in the video, known as the Robert Palmer Girls. They were a quintet of identical women playing keyboard, guitar, and drums. Here's what they looked like in the video.  They were also well known for having this uninterested look on their faces as well. Robert Palmer's Girls in Addicted to Love in 1986 Did you know this was all part of Robert Plamer’s Brilliant Spoofing Plan? Everyone refers to them as identical women, but they’re not.  They look similar, but they are not identical.  They have dark hair, the same makeup, the same bright red lipstick, and the same clothes and shoes.  All of this was before HD TV so they really did look extremely similar, but they each looked a little bit different.  One girl

What you need to know about spoofing

Have you heard of spoofing? It's common to see this word when discussing cyber-attacks. Hackers love to spoof email addresses, websites, and even phone numbers. What is spoofing? Spoofing is impersonating legitimate email addresses or websites to trick you into CLICKING.  Fraudsters want you to click on the link or open the attachment to give them the access or information they want. Why they do it. The fraudster has a much better chance of getting you to take action if he can trick you into believing that his email or website is the real deal. They are relying on your tendency to skim and not review closely. He wants you to click so he can steal your username and password, your information, your money, and more.   How it works. Fraudsters easily spoof email addresses, websites, and domains by flipping a couple of letters around, using numbers instead of letters, or tricky domain naming.   Is spoofing a big deal?   Yes.  Spoofing is a big deal, round 3.1 billion domain spoofing ema