“Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer makes me think of Spoofing and Cybercriminals

Do you remember the song “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer from the 80s?

More importantly, do you remember the music video for the song?

If you don’t remember or if you’re way younger than me (sniff, sniff) let me explain. The memorable part of the video was Palmer’s band in the video, known as the Robert Palmer Girls. They were a quintet of identical women playing keyboard, guitar, and drums.

Here's what they looked like in the video.  They were also well known for having this uninterested look on their faces as well.

Robert Palmer's Girls in Addicted to Love in 1986

Did you know this was all part of Robert Plamer’s Brilliant Spoofing Plan?

Everyone refers to them as identical women, but they’re not. 

  • They look similar, but they are not identical. 
  • They have dark hair, the same makeup, the same bright red lipstick, and the same clothes and shoes. 
  • All of this was before HD TV so they really did look extremely similar, but they each looked a little bit different. 
  • One girl is the original, and the rest are spoofing HER.

How “Addicted to Love” is like Spoofing crafted by cybercriminals

  • Viewing Addicted to Love on a Standard Definition TV in the 80s is like
    • The spoofed webpage or email looks like the real thing at first glance
  • The girls wear the Same Black Dress with Red Sash 
    • The cybercriminals swipe the real logos and use them on their spoofed sites
  • The girls wear the Same Bright Red Lipstick
    • Everything seems familiar because it’s copied for an actual website or email
  • They have 'The Look'
    • You’re in a hurry, and it feels legit because it's familiar so you click

These layers make it easy for cybercriminals to get you to fall for the Impersonator (the spoofing) because they have ‘The Look.'

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