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Here's what to do if you get catfished.

  Got catfished? Do this. Break all contact. If you send them a message about ending it, they may pursue you more heavily vs. suddenly ending all contact. Report the profile on the social media platform Report them to the organization and dating site you made contact on If you lost money, report it to your local police department Report it to

What's Love Got to Do with It?

Ah, Valentine’s day. The holiday of love is quickly approaching. All this love in the air can only mean one thing, catfishing scams are ramping up. What's catfishing? Fraudsters try to take your money by pretending to be a love interest or playing on your emotions. It normally starts off as a direct message on social media or email, but it even happens on dating websites. A catfish scam can quickly ruin your Valentine’s Day. Not only did you get tricked, emotionally kicked in the gut, you also probably lost a lot of cash. Avoid heartache by watching out for these catfishing red flags: A new social media profile with very few friends They never want to show their face on video or meet in person Super fast expressions of love Sudden Major Expenses - and they ask you to help fund it They were going to finally meet you in person, but now this super horrible thing suddenly happened and they can't. They'll ask you for money to fix their car or pay that doctor's bill!