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It's Data Privacy Week

  Data Privacy week is January 23 – 28, 2023.  What are you doing to increase data privacy awareness in your business? What about at home? If privacy isn’t one of the topics you include in your current cybersecurity awareness program, this is a great reminder to get it added. What’s the point? Privacy is more than an abstract idea that businesses need to worry about; it’s something you as an individual need to be concerned with too. As this week approaches, I want you to think about: Trading privacy for convenience. We ALL do this. That free app, you're trading your data and privacy for the convenience of getting to use that app for free. When an app asks for permission to access some additional info on your phone, do you read what it’s asking for? Or do you simply click yes and move on? You could give away too much information. If that app is asking for too much access, it’s probably best to uninstall that app and save yourself some grief later on. Learn how to manage your privacy

They Say Change is for the Better

Since you’ve read my blogs for a while, you know my passion for cybersecurity and the services I offer.   But did you know that I also offer digital forensics services? In the past, it’s been a tiny portion of my business in the past, and I didn’t speak about it much or even market it. That’s all changing this year.   Last year, I returned from maternity leave and immediately dove into working on a substantial digital forensics case. The case was infamous. The problem was daunting. The work was definitely interesting.   Working on this case reminded me how much I enjoyed forensics and how much I missed it. Digging for information. The hunt for the smoking gun. The quest for truth.   Why am I telling you all this? I want to let you know that I’m expanding the portion of my business that focuses on digital forensics. This also means that I am limiting my cybersecurity services. Here’s a rundown of my current service offerings:   Digital Forensics Digital Forensics I