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You don't have to memorize all the passwords

  Here’s a tip to help your business stop thinking of cybersecurity as the Department of No.   Help make their life easier!   HOW CAN YOU MAKE EVERYONE’S LIFE EASIER IN THE OFFICE? Give them a password keeper AND teach them how to use it.   HOW PASSWORD KEEPERS MAKE LIFE EASIER No more trying to memorize all the passwords you have No more forgotten passwords No more time wasted resetting passwords No more wasting time trying to think of unique passwords Put an end to tracking your passwords in Excel, post-it notes, and notebooks.   WHY CYBERSECURITY PROS RECOMMEND PASSWORDKEEPERS Passwords stored securely Unique passwords for every account Stronger passwords Secure sharing of passwords Reduce the risk of the business being locked out of an essential app   Help your employees save time and end their frustration by trying to memorize hundreds of passwords. Get them started with a password keeper today.   If you’re looking

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is coming

Suddenly summer is over and pumpkin spice everything is out in full force, and that can only mean one thing…   Cybersecurity Awareness Month is coming.   That’s right, October 1 marks the start of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021!! Who else is excited?! This year’s theme is Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.  This year’s theme brings four new weekly themes, and provides you with some great opportunities to build relationships in your business.   As you’re churning out lots of awesome content and tips for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I want to share some tips to keep in mind when your creative juices are flowing.   5 TIPS FOR WRITING CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS INFO Speak the language of business Keep it short and sweet Make your content mobile friendly Avoid technical jargon Don’t get lost in the weeds   Finally, if you need a guest speaker for Cybersecurity Awareness Month or need help planning I still have a few openings available. Schedule a complimentary

When they're not asking permission

  When your cybersecurity department always says no… eventually they’ll stop asking for permission. WHO IS  THEY ? ‘They’ are your fellow employees, project managers, business leaders, and executives within your company. WHAT DO I MEAN BY PERMISSION? People are smart. Once they discover the answer is always ‘NO’ they’ll simply stop asking. The Cybersecurity department will be excluded from project teams and meetings. WHAT’S THE WORSE THAT CAN HAPPEN? Cybersecurity won’t be built into solutions from the start. When cybersecurity gets bolted on later, it’s more expensive, more complicated, and less effective. Data becomes accessible to the wrong people. You don’t know normal anymore. When you don’t know the approved solutions, it’s 100x more difficult to detect abnormal behavior that’s malicious. You’ll be spending extra hours responding to incidents. HOW CAN YOU LET THE BUSINESS KNOW YOU'RE READY TO LISTEN? Your cybersecurity awareness program is a great tool that can help you bridg