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What's your 2022 cyber resolution?

Here are 5 Cybersecurity Resolutions that you can put to use in 2022 at work AND at home.   1.       Fight Phish Keep your eyes peeled for phishing emails. That means checking the sender’s email address (not just the from name), hovering over links, and not falling for tricks that demand urgency.   1.       Enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) This adds a second layer of security to your accounts. Even if the fraudster has your password, he can’t access your account because he doesn’t have your code. Get MFA codes via an app, text, or email. Turn it on everywhere!    3.       Use a unique password on every site (hint: use a password keeper) Unique passwords are awesome. If a bad guy gets your password for one account, he can only access that one account. Now, if you were still using one password everywhere, he could get into all your accounts AND you have to change the password everywhere you used it! It sounds complicated, but using a password keeper will help you ge

Best wishes for a secure holiday season

  I Wish you A safe & secure Holiday Season!!! I know you avoided the Grinch by shopping safely and securely online this holiday season by following my tips to avoid charity scams & offers that were too good to be true. These tips aren’t just for the holidays. They’ll keep you safe today and every day. And don’t forgot about checking your email twice for the Phish

Mouse Jigglers – A blessing or a curse?

Have you heard of mouse jigglers or mouse movers? They’ve become all the range since work from home has become more mainstream.   Back in my FBI days, we used mouse jigglers when we were on a search or at a crime scene to stop the computer from locking or going to sleep. If we didn’t have a mouse jiggler then the newest person would have to sit there and babysit the computer, constantly moving the mouse around to make sure we didn’t lose access to that computer, but I digress…   Today, people are using mouse jigglers to make sure they always appear active and don’t go to an away status on their computer while working remotely. They say it’s in the name of being paranoid about getting fired for being away from their desk too long to go to the bathroom or eat lunch. Yeah, let’s stick with that version of the story…   Now, before you jump on the Internet and start looking for your own mouse jiggler there is a dark side to all of this (besides your employer blocking them from w

Beware of the holiday phishing email

  The bad guys are licking their candy canes in sweet, sweet anticipation.   Anticipation of what?   They can't wait to steal your holiday joy (and cash, passwords, and personal information) through the many online scams, cons, fake websites, phishing emails, and tricks they've prepared just for you. You’ll these scams everywhere this month. Especially in your inbox.   Let’s talk holiday phishing emails.   The holiday phishing email often includes an unbelievable coupon, special shopping offer, or impossible to get item. Other lures include bogus gift card offers, giveaways, contests, and too-good-to-be-true deals. The scams will also try to create a sense of "act now" urgency, like putting time limits on the deals.   How good are you phish catching skills? Find out in my Phish or Friend Online Quiz event on December 14 at Noon CT and only $12.99. Learn more and register at   I also talked about the Phish or