What's your 2022 cyber resolution?

Here are 5 Cybersecurity Resolutions that you can put to use in 2022 at work AND at home.


1.      Fight Phish

Keep your eyes peeled for phishing emails. That means checking the sender’s email address (not just the from name), hovering over links, and not falling for tricks that demand urgency.


1.      Enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
This adds a second layer of security to your accounts. Even if the fraudster has your password, he can’t access your account because he doesn’t have your code. Get MFA codes via an app, text, or email. Turn it on everywhere! 


3.      Use a unique password on every site (hint: use a password keeper)

Unique passwords are awesome. If a bad guy gets your password for one account, he can only access that one account. Now, if you were still using one password everywhere, he could get into all your accounts AND you have to change the password everywhere you used it! It sounds complicated, but using a password keeper will help you generate a secure and unique password for every account AND save it securely.


4.      Back up, back up, back up

Why do I have back up listed three times? 1 – schedule your backups on your devices and calendars. 2 – back up to the cloud. 3 – back up to an external hard drive AND unplug it. This keeps you safe from computer crashes and helps you recover quickly from ransomware attacks.


5.      If you don’t use it – remove it

It’s so easy to be an app hoarder these days. Cool apps and cheap storage space make for a perfect storm. If you’re not using the software on your computer or the apps on your mobile device uninstall it. The less stuff you have the less you have to do to stay up to date and remain secure.


If you need help setting your cybersecurity awareness resolutions for 2022 for your business, let’s chat.


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