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Why can't you resist clicking?

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve heard about phishing, but have you ever wondered how the email was crafted? Perhaps you’ve been duped before and didn’t realize it until it was too late, because it felt like a Jedi mind trick.   I think we do a really good job of telling everyone to watch out for phishing emails, and not to click on them. But I think as an industry we fall short when it comes to sharing how those emails are crafted, why they’re so dang irresistible, and what they can do to reduce their risk of receiving those super slick emails.   To close this knowledge gap I now offer an on-demand video training class called “ Social Engineering: The Art of the Click”   During this video training, you’ll learn • What social engineering is • How cybercriminals create an irresistible offer  • Why you want to click • How cybercriminals come after you AND • What you can do today to stop cybercriminals from preying on you   Learn the A

Keep cybersecurity awareness simple

Cybersecurity might be complicated, but does your cybersecurity awareness program have to be complicated as well? Nope, you can keep your cybersecurity awareness program simple. Here's an example. Widgets R Us finally created an option for employees to share files securely outside the organization. The employees are excited, but here's what they find: They have to log in with yet another username and password The website is difficult to remember, and there are no links to it on the Intranet Once logged in, they have to follow a 20 step process to upload and share the file They can only share one file at a time, so they must repeat the 20 step process for each file They can only share with one person at a time, so the 20 step process must be repeated for each person that needs to send to file Do you think your employees will complete 180 steps to send three files to 3 people?? This is what I mean by keeping it simple. Sometimes those of us who work in tech are shooting ourselves