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I hate this word

Have you ever heard of the word Forensicator?   I hate this word.   I am not on trend by hating this word. It continues to gain popularity, and I’m seeing it more and more. Speakers and attendees introduce themselves as Forensicators at training and conferences I attend. I should be using this word, but I just can’t.   So what’s a Forensicator anyway?   It’s someone who works in computer forensics and digital investigations, so what I used to do in the FBI. Back in my day, my formal job title was Information Technology Specialist – Forensic Examiner. I’m glad I didn’t have the job title Forensicator. Heck, this word is so popular that SANS even has a Lethal Forensicator Challenge Coin. But, I’m still not going to use it.   I can’t use this word. It makes me cringe. It also makes me think of other words that I don’t like either. So I’m just not going to use this word.   What word makes you cringe? Drop a comment below and let me know. I’m compiling a cringe-worth

5 hot topics to include in your cybersecurity awareness program

You've heard me say this before, and I'm saying it again… your cybersecurity awareness program needs to be built with purpose. When you build your program with purpose, your program will be different from mine, Bill's, and Sally's. BUT… There are some topics that every cybersecurity awareness program needs to address, and I've got 5 HOT TOPICS YOU NEED TO INCLUDE IN YOUR PROGRAM Building a culture of cybersecurity – it's YOUR responsibility Cybersecurity isn't just my responsibility. It' isn't everyone else's responsibility. It's YOUR responsibility. Each person in your business makes a difference, and everyone needs to be invested in creating and maintaining a secure environment, and it starts with culture. Humans are the key to defending your business Tell your humans that they matter to you and why they matter. Social engineering Tell your humans what social engineering is, why it's being used, and how it's being used against them