I hate this word

Have you ever heard of the word Forensicator?


I hate this word.


I am not on trend by hating this word. It continues to gain popularity, and I’m seeing it more and more. Speakers and attendees introduce themselves as Forensicators at training and conferences I attend. I should be using this word, but I just can’t.


So what’s a Forensicator anyway?


It’s someone who works in computer forensics and digital investigations, so what I used to do in the FBI. Back in my day, my formal job title was Information Technology Specialist – Forensic Examiner. I’m glad I didn’t have the job title Forensicator. Heck, this word is so popular that SANS even has a Lethal Forensicator Challenge Coin. But, I’m still not going to use it.


I can’t use this word. It makes me cringe. It also makes me think of other words that I don’t like either. So I’m just not going to use this word.


What word makes you cringe? Drop a comment below and let me know. I’m compiling a cringe-worthy word list. Lol.



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