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3 Things you Need to Know about Amazon Sidewalk

Today was an exciting day for me because I had my first guest spot on a radio show. If you're following me on   Facebook  or you live in the Rochester, NY area you might have caught me on 98.9 The Buzz. I have to tell you it was a lot of fun, and I was honored to be brought in to talk about Amazon's new sidewalk project, ransomware, and what the average Jane can do to stay safe. If you missed it, you can watch it now. TOP 3 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AMAZON SIDEWALK Your Amazon devices automatically opted in. If you want out, you have to take action. You'll be sending even more data to Amazon if you're part of the Sidewalk. No, your neighbor can't see what’s happening on your network, nor can you see what's on theirs. Do you have any Amazon devices? Are you opting out of the Sidewalk? Drop your comments below. Are you ready to reduce the risk of Ransomware attacks? Let's chat.  Book a complementary discovery session today.

How to Have a Cyber Secure Summer

I don’t know about you, but it feels like summer is here. The weather is warm, the sky is blue, the days are finally longer, and ice cream would really hit the spot right about now. The other thing that announced the arrival of summer was the airports. I just got back from my first trip since COVID shut things down, and let me tell you the airports were packed. I saw full airport parking lots, long lines at check-in counters, and even longer lines to get through security - it seems people are ready to get out and about once again.   If you’re thinking about stretching your legs this summer, here are 3 tips for a cyber secure summer.   Skip the free Wi-Fi. Whether you’re hitting the coffee shop, the airport, or a hotel, stay safe and skip the free Wi-Fi. Here’s the thing about that free Wi-Fi - you really don’t know what or who is lurking around. They could look over your virtual shoulder, try to steal your passwords, or any number of other bad things. BUT… if you just can