It's Data Privacy Week

 Data Privacy week is January 23 – 28, 2023. 

What are you doing to increase data privacy awareness in your business? What about at home? If privacy isn’t one of the topics you include in your current cybersecurity awareness program, this is a great reminder to get it added.

What’s the point?

Privacy is more than an abstract idea that businesses need to worry about; it’s something you as an individual need to be concerned with too. As this week approaches, I want you to think about:

Trading privacy for convenience.

We ALL do this. That free app, you're trading your data and privacy for the convenience of getting to use that app for free. When an app asks for permission to access some additional info on your phone, do you read what it’s asking for? Or do you simply click yes and move on? You could give away too much information. If that app is asking for too much access, it’s probably best to uninstall that app and save yourself some grief later on.

Learn how to manage your privacy.

Many apps will collect tons of data. Did you know you can restrict their access? Reference this guide to learn how to manage your privacy across a variety of popular apps.

Learn how to protect your data to maintain your privacy.

Here’s where I get back up on my soapbox and talk passwords. The best way to protect your information is by protecting each account with a unique password AND turning on multi-factor authentication. Unique passwords sound like a challenge, but password keepers are here to help.

 If you haven’t scheduled anything for data privacy week for your business yet consider sending out a quick email with tips similar to these to your employees. Cybersecurity and data privacy awareness don’t have to be all about just protecting your business. Once employees see what’s in it for them, especially in terms of application at home or saving time, they are more likely to get on board with your goals.

Not sure what to post? How about some tips or videos on how to use the password keeper supported by your business? Sometimes we geeky types forget that a password keeper can be tricky until you get the hang of it. If your employees learn how easy it can be, they’ll use it, but you have to show them first.

Finally, if you need expert guidance to add some privacy awareness your program, let's chat.


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