Can you resist the simply irresistible?

How good are you are resisting the simply irresistible?

Yes, I’ve got another Robert Palmer analogy for you.

She was Simply Irresistible

Robert Palmer and another infamous song and video in 1988 called Simply Irresistible, and yes, you can find the Robert Palmer Girls in the video. I’m not sure what makes it more famous: the catchy tune, the nonsensical lyrics, the swagger of the girls, or that it was everywhere in the late 80s.

The Theories

There are a few theories about the meaning of this song, and normally I’m not one to look deeply into hidden meanings, but I’m going to share my favorite theory with you.

“…a mythical force that is really seducing Robert Palmer against his will. My theory is that this song is really about a siren’s song confusing the singer and making him “compromise his principle… You're obliged to conform when there's no other course or …I'm breaking promises, she's breaking every law.” My favorite theory is courtesy of Hannah McIsaac.

Cybercriminals and Simply Irresistible Emails

This is exactly what cybercriminals are doing to you when they send you that simply irresistible email.

  • They’re spoofing the email so you think it’s from some you know
  • It has ‘the look’ because they’re using real logos or even an actual email sent in the past
  • They say hurry click now for this offer (or consequence if you don’t) that’s simply irresistible

Beware of the siren song of the Robert Palmer Girls, their blank stares, and sexy moves. Snap out of it and take the time to review that email closely before you click.

If you’re interested in learning how the siren song of the Robert Palmer Girls is sending the emails to your list into spam, I invite you to join my Facebook Group Stop Email Impersonator Syndrome - Taking Email Marketing from Spam to Seen


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