If they aren’t replying to your emails

Has this ever happened to you?

You have this amazing coffee chat or discovery call with someone you’ve been looking forward to connecting with for quite some time. During the chat it becomes clear they're your ideal client, and they are ticking all the boxes of someone you’d love to work with! You share how you can help them, and they exclaim, "That’s fantastic! I’ve been looking for something like this. I’m in! Email me the details."

Shortly after the call, you send over the details and then…


You hear NOTHING back.

No replies.

No appointments.

No payments.


You replay the conversation in your head over and over again.  You ask yourself, "What went wrong? I thought she was genuinely excited to work together... Why haven’t I heard from her?"




Maybe they’re not replying because they didn’t see your email.

Maybe they’re not booking time with you because they didn’t know you emailed.

Maybe they’re not buying from you because you’re stuck in spam.


A client shared this EXACT story with me. 


She was having great sales calls and people wanted to buy.  After she sent the details via email, very few were replying or booking.


It turns out most of her emails were going to spam.


No one was seeing her emails because they weren’t in the inbox; they were stuck in spam instead.




Here’s the thing with spam. It’s tricky. There’s lots of reason you can be stuck in spam. Even emails sent directly from you to one other person can be sent to spam. There are no automated messages or reports that will tell you that you’ve been sent to spam.


How did my client discover she was stuck in spam?


She decided to start following up with stale leads on the phone, and many shared the same story – they never saw her email. During these conversations, she learned her emails were going to spam. Now she was having to spend twice as much time working by sending an email and then following up on the phone to see if they received the email and if they didn’t she asked them to check their spam.


Since we’ve worked together her emails are being delivered to the inbox, she’s not stuck in spam, people are seeing her emails, and they are buying! She’s also spending less time following up.


If you’re worried this is happening to you, let’s chat about it and see how you can get your emails in front of more eyeballs.  Schedule a complementary discovery session today.




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