Do you know how to have a secret conversation?

Last week I shared the Top 7 Things you Need to Know aboutFacebook.


One topic that made the list is the push to move people from Messenger to WhatsApp because of the end-to-end encryption issue. I’ve been getting lots of questions asking how safe it is to use Messenger, and I’ve got answers for YOU.


By DEFAULT Facebook can read everything you share in Messenger, just like they can read everything you post in the Facebook platform (remember you’re paying with your data).


AND so can anyone else (in theory with some not so savory techniques).


Casual conversations that you don’t need any privacy for are ok to have via Messenger just like anything else you feel comfortable about posting on Facebook.


Should you have a conversation that’s sensitive in nature in Messenger?

  • NO
  • Don’t discuss confidential or sensitive business info
  • Don’t share your secret sauce
  • Share nothing you wouldn’t want your mother to know.  😬

What can you do to be more secure on Messenger?




Yes, I have a secret to share with you, and it’s about keeping secrets…


If you enable secret conversations in Messenger, you’ll have end-to-encryption. That means Facebook can’t read your messages, nor can anybody else.

What you need to know about Secret Conversations

  • It’s NEVER on by default
  • You have to enable it for every conversation with every person
  • It takes some extra clicking around to turn it on
  • It’s only available on your Android or iOS device.  Computer users you are out of luck. 😓


A better way to share confidential and sensitive information is to send encrypted emails. 


If you’d like to learn more about how to use encryption to protect your business and customer information or if anything else cyber is on your mind let’s chat about it in a complementary discovery session.


How are you going to message people?  Comment below.




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