Do you know Victoria's Secret? I do.

Have you heard the song “Victoria’s Secret” by Jax? I love this song not just because it’s catchy but because you can use it to teach about

  •       Body image
  •       Deception
  •       Catfishing
  •       Phishing email
  •       And even Digital Forensics


The song discusses body image issues and the pressure to look good, but then she discovers the secret.

What is Victoria’s secret?

“Dude, Victoria was made up by a dude!”


Let’s talk about deception. Deception is rampant on the Internet. It’s used in catfishing scams, phishing emails, and millions of other online scams. Deception is used to gain your trust and get you to do things you probably wouldn’t do when you know the scammer’s secret.


Would you have clicked on that link in the email and entered your password if you knew it was a phishing email? Would your Grandma have bought a green dot gift card to pay her electric bill over the phone if she knew that the power company doesn’t call you to demand payment? Would the singer of this song have been so keen to starve herself to get the perfect body if she knew that a dude created the perfect body?


Probably not.


Deception and digital forensics go hand in hand too. Deception can be used to hide data. Deception can make you stop your search at the surface when it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Deception can be used to hack your client, making it appear as if all the evil is coming from them at their computer. 


That’s why digital forensics is

  •        Digging deeper
  •        Decoding deception
  •        Deciphering data

That’s why you need a digital forensics expert when your case has digital evidence. Digital forensics is so much more than just looking at pictures and reading emails.


If you want to learn more about catfishing (and not the kind in the water), check out my guest appearance on this podcast.








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