Have you heard of layer 8?

Take a moment to geek out with me here at the beginning of this email. Before I get to layer 8, I have to talk about the OSI Model. The OSI Model is a model that describes the seven layers that computers use to communicate over networks. You start at the bottom at layer 1 with the physical stuff (think cables and wires). Then it ends at the top with layer 7 with all those awesome apps you use. As a cyber professional, you focus on securing all seven layers. But, did you know there's also a layer that's never pictured in the model?

What is layer 8? Let's talk about it.

Layer 8 is your humans. Unfortunately, much like my last email, IT pros refer to humans negatively in layer 8. The IT Pros use layer 8 to focus on their human's lack of awareness and cybersecurity culture.

If they lack awareness and culture, isn't that our fault as the cybersecurity pros?

Instead of making fun of employees and complaining that they don't know anything, we need to step up and

  1. Communicate with them
  2. Educate them
  3. Let them know what an important role they play

Change doesn't happen overnight, but you can create the culture and awareness you want.

To learn more about building a cybersecurity awareness program you want, register for my on-demand video training, "Phishing, carrots, and sticks: Building a security awareness program with a purpose."


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