You can't patch stupid

It's time for some sayings to go.

It's time to kick "You can't patch stupid" to the curb.


I've heard this saying ever since I've been in IT, and it's said in cyber too. A user would do something wrong, and someone in the department would remark, well, you can't patch stupid. I'm guilty of saying it myself, to be honest with you. Now, I've never said it directly to someone, but I'm sure someone heard one of us say, you can't patch stupid at some point somewhere along the line. I guess it's because we're a grouchy and calloused group in the IT field, but it's not cool, and we need to stop saying it.


I don't talk about feelings often living in a tech world, but imagine how someone would feel if they heard that? Pretty crappy. Would they believe that you're for the human? Would they think you care about providing quality solutions to make their jobs simple and more secure? Would they think that cybersecurity is their responsibility?




Feelings aside, we need to stop saying this because people aren't our weakest link. People are our strongest link.


But it's our responsibility to get them there. First, you need to change the culture in your IT and cybersecurity departments, so they too realize the importance of humans. Next, your business needs to invest in your humans. Give your humans the training and exposure to cybersecurity information that will help them do their jobs in the most secure way possible, all while they're fighting off cyber-attacks and trying to answer emails. 

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