People are like operating systems

 Three reasons people are like operating systems:

People and operating systems both:
  1. Process Information
  2. Store Information
  3. Transfer Information

Three reasons people are not like operating systems:

  1. Technology is predictable and always acts the same.
  2. People are not predictable, and their behavior can surprise you.
  3. People are adaptable.

With that in mind, would you pick a person or an operating system as your last line of defense against a cyber attack?

I would pick the human every time! It's adaptability for the win! You see, technology has to be programmed and told what to do, and even machine learning can only take you so far today. If that threat or phishing email is new or slightly different than what you're expecting, your tech might miss it. However, when you give people the proper training, they can figure out that something is phishy even if it's not the same as what you showed them in training.

Humans are used to adapting because our world is constantly changing. Humans have learned how to leverage past experiences to evaluate new experiences and make decisions. This is why you can rely on humans to be your last line of defense when you provide them with the proper cybersecurity awareness training.

Do you think you're training your humans to be adaptable? Email me back, and let me know. I read and respond to every email you send.

Humans for the win,


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