Secure the humans

 Did you know I'm here to help you secure the humans in your business?


What does it mean to secure the humans?

It's more than a catchy way of saying I do cybersecurity awareness training. To secure your humans, you need to give people the knowledge, training, and tools necessary to stay safe in a digital world. It's building habits that are substantial and lasting, not fleeting.


Why should we secure the humans?

Humans are the last line of defense. Old school thinking was humans are our greatest weakness when it comes to cybersecurity. Today, humans are your best bet at preventing a cyber attack.


Why are humans so important?

Technology is getting better all the time, so why should you focus on your humans? Because all the technology is getting better at preventing attacks, hackers are looking for ways to get around it. The easiest way to get around that technology is to go after people and have them do the attacker's evil bidding.


How can you secure your humans?

This is where a strong cybersecurity awareness program comes into play. First, you need to build your program with purpose, which means evaluating your threats, risks, and employee knowledge. Second, you have to set goals. Third, schedule training and activities to support those goals. Fourth, measure your progress. Fifth, reevaluate the above yearly.


Suppose you randomly assigned a bunch of mandatory, yearly training videos to your employees. In that case, your program isn't built with purpose, and you have a huge opportunity to increase the security of your business simply by starting to secure your humans.


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