Word of the year

We’ve made it through the holidays, and entered into a new year. (Hooray for 2022?)


Working on new year’s resolutions and goal planner entries are pretty hot right now.


Me? I focus on my word of the year to kick things off. Last year, my word was DISCOVERY. I focused on exploring and learning in my business so I could give you the cybersecurity services you want and need.


This year, my word of the year is STRAIGHTFORWARD. I selected this word because during my year of discovery I niched down and narrowed my services. Cybersecurity is so many things, and I offered and did so many things. But, all those things… it’s overwhelming for you, and... sometimes for me. Thanks to niching down - everything in my business is much more straightforward. Now, I can share information and solutions that are straightforward, and to makes it simple for you to select the help you need.


From now on, my business will focus on providing cybersecurity awareness services in three ways:

  1. Program Management – Let me manage your programs for you
  2. Consulting – Get expert advice and guidance
  3.  Training – Teaching and speaking that meets your needs


I look forward to being straightforward with you and working together in 2022.

Finally, If you're ready to get cybersecurity awareness help that's local and straightforward, let’s chat.



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