The FlyTrap that Caught your Facebook Account

When I say ‘FlyTrap’ what comes to mind?

A venus fly trap?

‘The Little Shop of Horrors’?

A bug zapper?

A strip of sticky tape with a bunch of flies stuck to it?



I hope you were thinking about malware because there’s some FlyTrap malware taking over Facebook Accounts, and it's been around since March.


How are they doing it? Social Engineering.


The bad guys have placed malicious apps in Google Play and other Android stores to lure you in with offers for free Netflix coupon codes and voting for your favorite soccer player or team. These apps look legit. They are high quality, use great graphics, and are free from grammar and spelling errors.


To get the code or to vote, you have to log in with your Facebook username and password. You are actually using Facebook to login, but unknown to the victim, there is something nefarious going on in the background, and it’s stealing their sensitive info.



  • Uninstall the malicious apps
  • Log out of all Facebook sessions
  • Change your Facebook password


Did you know social media is a great hunting ground for hackers? The more information you share on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, the easier it is for the hacker to craft the perfect con for you. Before you know it, you’re clicking on a link that’s so irresistible, and you give away the keys to kingdom because after all… the con was crafted just for you. That FlyTrap malware works in the above con because people want that Netflix Coupon and they’re excited about UEFA Euro soccer.


People in 144 countries fell for this con, which means the bait was good.

Did you fall for this con or know someone who has? Drop a comment below and help keep everyone safe.

Are you educating your employees about social engineering attacks? Schedule a complimentary discovery session today and let’s chat about social engineering and security awareness training.

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