The evolution of spam

The evolution of spam has been an interesting one. SPAM has gone from a wartime necessity to Hawaiian delicacy to electronic junk mail.

Here's 5 facts about both types of spam.


  • They invented SPAM in 1937 to use pork shoulder and provide meat with an unlimited shelf life.
  • The name SPAM came from the combination of the words Spice and Ham.
  • Hawaiians consume 7 million pounds of SPAM every year.
  • Richard LeFevre holds the world record for eating SPAM by eating 6 pounds in 12 minutes.
  • Hormel doesn’t use the term spam to describe any emails. Instead, they use the term unwanted emails.


  • The first spam email was sent in 1978 over APARNET.
  • Bill Gates was the most spammed person in the world with over 4 million emails per day.
  • Never unsubscribe from spam. It tells the spammer your email is valid, and you’ll get even more spam.
  • 48% of email sent today is spam.
  • Only 19% of people check their spam folder daily.

Do you have an email list? With 48% of today’s email being spam and only 19% of people checking their spam folder daily it’s easy for your emails to get lost in spam. If your emails are getting stuck in spam you aren’t building know like and trust because your emails aren’t being seen. Can you afford to be lost in spam?

Are you wondering how to find out if your emails are stuck in spam? Book a complimentary discovery call today.


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