Are the bad guys winning?

 What do you think? Are the bad guys winning?


If you’ve been watching the news lately you might think, yes, the bad guys are prevailing over cybersecurity. In under a week over 1,500 businesses got hit with Ransomware thanks to a vulnerability in Kaseya VSA and the cyber gang REvil. Then there’s another cyber gang launching Trojan attacks against the Indian Military.


Sounds bad, right?


Let’s talk about some victories for the good guys. They arrested the suspected hacker Dr HeX for many cyber crimes, including financial fraud that affected thousands. Microsoft finally issues a patch to put an end to the PrintNightMare bug.


Don’t let the news overwhelm you. Businesses of any size can implement a successful cybersecurity strategy that can reduce your risk of cyber attack by 80%. But how...



  1. Beware of phishing emails
  2. Stop and think before you click
  3. Protect your accounts
  4. Secure your devices and keep them up to date
  5. Backup, backup, backup your information


Why did I mention phishing emails first?

91% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email. 91% OF CYBER ATTACKS START WITH A PHISHING EMAIL!!! If you can spot that phish and NOT click you’ve reduced your cyber risk right instantly. If you don’t open the door for the bad guys, it’s a lot harder for them to wreak havoc.


Are you phishing your employees?

It’s the cool thing to do. Many businesses run simulated phishing attacks on their employees in the name of cybersecurity awareness. Many also phishing without purpose. The phish are sent, but there aren’t any knowledge gaps identified, there aren’t any goals identified, and there isn’t any method to measure success. If this sounds like you, then we should chat. I’d love to help you put a phishing plan in place to phish with purpose to increase cybersecurity awareness while reducing cyber risk at your business.

If you’re looking for tips on how to spot a phish, then check out this video where I give you the lowdown on phish and share some examples on the screen.



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