Where does cybersecurity fall on your list?

Are you a list person?


Do you enjoy making to do lists?


Do you enjoy checking things off that list?


Or are lists your superpower to make sure nothing gets missed?




When it comes to travel, I AM THE QUEEN OF THE LISTS. Especially when I first started travelling.


You see, I didn’t want to miss a thing. Whether it was items I’d need on my journey or places to go - I had to have it all down. My packing list was embarrassingly long and listed everything out in painful detail. It didn’t list five shirts - it described each individual shirt on the list. [This was also before I learned the power of traveling with carry on luggage only so there was an outfit for each day!] I spent weeks and weeks researching places in guide books for THE things to see and do. I’d make lists and lists of the possibilities. Ranking my favorites as well. Then I’d organize the lists by location in to cram as much as possible into one visit.


And cram I did. I drug my friend all over London to see “everything” and 19 years later she still talks about how much she saw and the exhaustion that came with it! 


That’s the thing about lists. They can be powerful or they can be a burden.


Lists are burden when you spend more time making the lists than doing the lists.

Lists are a burden when you’re so laser focused on the list you’re not open for opportunities.

Lists are kryptonite when you keep pushing the stuff you dislike back down to the bottom.

Lists are powerful when they ensure you don’t skip a step in an important procedure.

Lists are powerful when they clear your mind once all the ‘stuff’ is written down.

Lists are powerful when you list your accomplishments!


So… if you find yourself constantly pushing things like keeping your business safe from cyber attacks or trying to figure out why your emails are stuck in spam to the bottom of your list then I’d like to chat with you. We can chat about what you’re not doing, why you’re not doing it, and how to get your over the hump so you can move it to the top of your list, and then check it off.


Request some time to chat with me today. 


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