The problem with passwords

How do you feel about your passwords?

Do you love them?

Do you hate them?

Are you always forgetting them?


Do you have ONE password that you absolutely love and use it everywhere?


I’ve got news for you… YOU’RE NOT ALONE.


78% of people have to reset their passwords regularly because they can’t remember them.

72% of people are reusing passwords.

91% of people understand the risks of password reuse. 59% admitted they do it anyway.


Those numbers are big reason why 80% of data breaches start with a compromised password.

How can you do it better?

Get a password keeper.

Benefits of a password keeper.

  1. No more forgotten passwords
  2. Easily use stronger passwords and increases the security of your accounts
  3. Passwords are auto generated for you (that are strong and complex)
  4. Share passwords securely
  5. Save time. No more time wasted thinking of new and unique passwords.  No more time wasted resetting your passwords.

If you’re not sure what makes a strong password or if you’re interested in getting started with a password keeper schedule a complementary discovery session today. Unique passwords are the #1 to protect yourself and your business from a hack.

On a final note... Do you know my favorite quote about passwords? Visit this Instagram post to find out.


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