New Years Resolutions and Temperature Tuesdays

If you caught my Facebook or Instagram Stories on Tuesday you saw a story about Temperature Tuesday Runzas.  What I didn't tell you was… it got me thinking about New Year's Resolutions.


If you're not from Nebraska you're probably asking yourself two questions right now.

1 - What is a Runza?

2 - What is Temperature Tuesday?


These two things go hand in hand around here in January and February. 


Runzas are little, handheld, meat sandwiches with a mixture of ground beef, cabbage, onions, and spices.  I like to get mine with cheese.  In January and February, they run a special.  The temperature at 6 AM is the price of your Runza. 


Tuesday it was 15 cents!


Now while I was looking at my Runza I thought, “Man this Runza looks skinny.”  This got me thinking… Many make a new year’s resolution to lose weight.  After a rough year in 2020 with COVID-19 and the quarantine 15 pounds who can blame us?


This year instead of resolutions that focus on the negatives, I decided to focus on the positives.  This year I have a word of the year.  Thanks to my business coach for setting me on this path back in November.


My word is DISCOVERY.


It’s powerful, clear, and concise, and will influence everything I do this year.


To me DISCOVERY means...

  • Learning
  • Being open to learning the unexpected
  • Being open to change
  • Being curious
  • Asking questions... and so much more

This is how I will serve you better in 2021.


Do you have a word of the year for 2021? Comment and share it with me.  I’m excited to learn what 2021 holds for you.


Happy New Year!



p.s. If you’re hungry for a cybersecurity tip check out my Facebook Live Video from Tuesday where I give you a preview of 2021 Phishing Trends.




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