A New Prescription for Cybersecurity

Prescriptions and cybersecurity are more alike than you might realize. Let me explain.

I hate to admit it, but I’m getting old. The one thing giving it away is my eyes. I had to get a prescription for progressive lenses to see both near and far now. When I first got the glasses I couldn’t figure out how to see ANYTHING clearly – nearly everything was blurry no matter where I looked. I got a 5 second run down when I picked up my glasses, but alas no luck.

This is similar to the experience many have with new cybersecurity tools or training. You received a 5 second rundown with the purchase but then you were left to your devices to figure it out.

So what did I do with my glasses? I went back to the doctor's office and asked for help. I explained my situation and they checked the prescription in the lenses, adjusted the fit of my glasses, explained in detail the different ways to use my glasses, and finally they had me look at different things in the store to ensure I could read things at near, far, and intermediate distances. I’m glad I went in for the expert help otherwise I know I would have stopped wearing my glasses again. That would have meant money wasted and continued blurry vision.

Just like that cybersecurity system you purchased, turned on, and forgot about. It’s not doing you any good if you don’t know:

  • How the system actually works
  • How to configure the system for desired results
  • How to tune the system for optimal performance and minimal false positives
  • How to test it to verify it’s working as expected

That’s why it makes sense to invest in expert assistance. Experts help you achieve optimal performance in a short time, and give you the tools and knowledge to keep running at peak performance.

Cybersecurity is not plug and play.

Cybersecurity is not set it and forgot it.

Cybersecurity is testing, tuning, measuring, and constant optimization to keep cybercriminals at bay.

How many times have you purchased a product or service but didn’t invest in learning how to put it to work for you? Was it a waste of money or a lesson learned?  Comment below and let's chat about it.

So here I am in my new glasses.  I'm still getting used to them.  But it's getting better.  The hardest part is actually learning where to look through them when I'm working on my computer.  It's also good that I went in because it turns out that my sunglasses were actually made incorrectly.  Just another reason to go back to the pros.

Stacy Eldridge




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