A Story About the FBI

 What's a common question that people are always asking you?

The most popular question I hear is, "...can you tell me about a case you worked on in the FBI?"

I have a treat for you today. Today, I'm going to tell you about the time I was involved in a case where the FBI was laundering money.

I was part of the team that was executing a search warrant for a case involving drugs. I remember being nervous on the search because SWAT came with us because of the strong possibility of violence. It was a rarity to have the SWAT team along.

I was there to search and seize digital media like laptops and thumb drives but to find them I have to look through everything in the house right along with the rest of the team. I remember we kept finding one or more weapons in every room of the house. Now it’s clear why SWAT was there.

The team also needed to locate and seize a large sum of cash tied to the investigation. They found the cash underneath the house in the crawl space that was flooded with sewage (who says the FBI isn’t glamorous?).

The case agent contacted the Treasury Department to determine how to clean the money. They advised him to take the money to the laundromat to wash it!

Imagine a team of FBI agents literally laundering money at the laundromat. Then some poor soul had to iron all the money afterward so they could put it back in circulation. If you didn’t think cash was dirty before, I think you might now.

With that being said, I suppose shared washing machines in laundromats can be a little icky too. 

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